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Complete digital signage solutions

Who we are and what we offer

We are an experienced team, comprising experts in IT, design, photography, photo editing, multimedia content, that provide at international level complete digital signage solutions, and also content creation (image/photo, video, content, presentation, virtual tours, drone footage, graphics).

Have you got a business entailing direct communication with the client? Contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is digital signage?

Digital Signage is a method of displaying multimedia content on professional monitors and displays, via an interface, with the purpose of conveying information, ads and other. The benefit of digital signage is that it can have a greater impact on the client compared to a traditional banner. Moreover, it can be used in very diverse spots: drugstores, bank, shopping malls, supermarket, department stores, convenience stores, private and state institutions, hotels, hospitals, museums, restaurants etc. It is a visible means of communication with the client and has also a direct impact.

How does iTotem differentiate from other similar companies in Romania?

In Romania, the digital signage market is not yet fully developed, so we can say that we are just kicking off. Most companies still use the traditional way: they use a stick as media support, the material is sent electronically, then downloaded and stored on a memory stick that is inserted in the display. In the long term, however, it is more beneficial to resort to a more convenient solution – accessing a platform that can be managed remotely from one location.
iTotem provides complete custom-made digital signage solutions, and also multimedia content (images/photos, video, content, presentations, virtual tours, drone footage, graphics). To manufacture the custom-made totem, we use professional displays from BenQ, LG, Panasonic etc. We manage digital signage networks, we give advice and besides we can turn any window or glass surface into a multimedia surface. The benefit in this case is that being located inside a commercial retail space, no official permit is required.

Can my business or company benefit if I use Digital Signage services?

Would you like to reach your potential customers with a marketing message? Would like to draw more audience by using an effective and efficient method that would increase sales and raise awareness on the services you provide? Then, the answer is definitely YES! – digital signage is suitable for you. This form of product or service presentation makes the transition to new media effortless and without incurring huge costs.

Where can digital signage be used?

Digital signage can be used in any area where one can install an LCD display that would be visible for the clients… The opportunities are countless: drugstores, bank, shopping malls, supermarket, department stores, convenience stores, private and state institutions, hotels, hospitals, museums, restaurants etc.

Are there any restrictions or regulations regarding copyrights?

It shall be your responsibility to make sure that you comply with the copyright law. ITOTEM shall not be responsible if you infringe copyright. Make sure you receive full, written approval for the multimedia content used to advertise your product or services. ITOTEM shall eliminate the content subject to copyright infringement.

What type of file formats do the totem devices support?

Among other, the following file formats can be supported:

  • Video format: MP4 (AVC coding) for Android apps, Windows and Chrome OS;
  • Images: PNG, GIF, JPEG and JPG;
  • Audio: M4A (AVC coding).

Why do our clients recommend us


I recommend the services delivered by ITOTEM. I have received adequate advice for my business and I am glad that now our products are conveyed to our clients in a smart and friendly manner.

- Anisia Predesel -


To know how to make a product reach the clients is absolutely essential. I am delighted that digital advertising is part of our presentation strategy. For me, ITOTEM equals friendliness, effectiveness and receptiveness.

- Ionuţ Bleau -

Omega Pharma

When we saw the first totem, I said << Wow, we also want something like this>>. We contacted ITOTEM team and we discussed in detail about the project, and now we are just enjoying the outcome: our ads are running in the right place!

- Grig Ionescu -


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