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Digital Signage solutions for Bebe Tei

Custom-made digital totems for Bebe Tei drugstore

The custom-made digital totems for Bebe Tei are part of a project created entirely by iTotem, having as a starting point the client’s requests. Using some digital signage displays, we designed three types of totems: a landscape digital totem, a portrait digital totem and a double-sided portrait digital totem.

Project details

Specific details of the project made by iTotem for Bebe Tei

Bebe Tei wanted that in certain area of the drugstore to place mobile digital totems promoting various special offer products. A first requirement for these totems was to be stable, to ensure safety for consumers and also to be easy-to-use and to move around from one place to another across the shop.

What were the digital signage solutions used by iTotem

For carrying out this project, the solutions provided by iTotem included the construction of a metal structure in the colour and shape chosen by the client, starting from the digital signage displays.
Various types of display have been used, according to the technical requirements. The software used is NoviSign (iTotem is the sole representative in Romania) and X-Sign from BenQ. The digital signage solutions we offered for Bebe Tei include as well management and maintenance for the three mobile digital totems.

Pros and cons


  • Locating the digital totems in key-points across the shop enhances the consumer’s experience by providing updated information about various products and special offers;
  • Equipped with wheels, the digital totems can be easily moved from place to another.They can be easily charged usig an outlet;
  • The digital totems are managed remotely;
  • iTotem provides maintenance services as well.



  • They are based on wireless connection, but as it can be unstable, a landline would be preferable;
  • In certain situations, the size of the digital totems can be a disadvantage in relation to the available space. In other words, they cannot be placed in any type of space (two basic conditions are the size and the traffic in the area).


Client Bebe Tei
Task Promoting special offers in Bebe Tei drugstore (located in Plaza Romania)
Execution day 2018
Technology Digital totems with high-performance displays and media content managed via NoviSign and X-Sign

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