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Digital signage solutions for restaurants

Customized indoor displays for Mado (Iulius Mall Iași)

Digital signage for fast-food restaurants (and other) delivers multiple benefits. Whether it is about displaying daily specials, or putting some products or campaigns into spotlight, digital technology is a good practice to communicate essential information about the portfolio.

Project details

Details of the project carried out by iTotem

The client wanted to have some displays placed inside the order-and-serve area, keeping in mind the establishment arrangements, and the nearby area where the food is served. Thus, visibility was the key point of the project.

Which are the digital signage solutions implemented by iTotem

The solution identified by iTotem was fitting a set of 7 displays, embedded in high-quality metallic support. The slightly inclined medium allowed for the required visibility. The menus and the products displayed are visible even from afar.

Pros and cons


  • The slightly inclined displays ensure better visibility (even from a standing or sitting position, in the nearby area of the restaurant);
  • The size of the displays increased visibility as well (even from afar);
  • The displays play an esthetic role as well, as they blend perfectly into the design of the restaurant;
  • The high quality brightness highlight the media content;
  • The content can be managed remotely and changed according to the specials in the menu, promotions, campaigns or best-sellers etc;
  • Given the number of the displays, the content can be organized depending on the menu elements (food, beverages, desserts etc).



  • None


Client Mado – fast food in Iulius Mall Iași
Task Highlighting menu products
Execution date February 2021
Technology High brightness displays and state-of-the-art software

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