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Digital signage solutions for public institutions and private companies

Made in Romania: the first digital totem with embedded automatic hand sanitizer

Purple Custom Solutions – the iTotem special projects division has developed a solution bringing together digital signage technology and hand sanitizer dispensers. The new line of digital totems equipped with liquid disinfectant is 100% manufactured in Romania.

Project details

Specific details of the project made by Purple Custom Solutions

The digital stands with an integrated hand sanitizer are a step forward in the fight that private companies and public institutions are leading against the spread of coronavirus. Purple Custom Solutions, the iTotem special projects division, created the prototype of a freestanding digital totem, 100% designed and manufactured in Romania.

What were the digital signage solutions used by Purple Customs Solutions

The major challenge of the project consisted in combining digital signage solutions with practical solutions (such as hand sanitizing), adapted to the Coronavirus context.

The digital totem equipped with hand sanitizer still keeps the initial goal and adds a new function. The digital signage system used to create the totems was based on Raspberry Pi, and the dispensers on Arduino system.

Pros and cons


  • It provides an increased psychological comfort: besides conveying multimedia content, the digital totems are equipped with disinfectant dispensers that enable consumers to sanitize their hands, increasing their safety and psychological comfort;
  • Accesibility: the design of the totem (i.e freestanding) allows for easy access of clients to the dispenser area;
  • Safe investment: digital totems equipped with dispenser are going to prove useful even when the pandemic is over. Sanitizing hands as a measure to prevent diseases will be part of the consumers’ routine and also of the policy of retailers and other entities providing services.
  • Increase of sales by running targeted ads (eg. promoting a 50% discount for a limited amount of time leads to increase of sales in a certain product);
  • Possibility to sell advertising space.



  • When the container is empty, it must be refilled manually.


Client Public institution and private companies
Task Combining digital signage solutions with practical solutions to sanitize hands so as to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
Execution date April, 2020
Technology Raspberry PI and Arduino system

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