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Digital signage solutions for the banking field

High luminosity displays for CEC Bank Ana Tower

Implementing digital signage solutions across the banking industry is becoming a must. State-of-the-art technologies are part of the calling card of financial institutions and it is not only an effective means to promote the services provided for the clients, but also a good way to enhance the experience in that specific environment.

Project details

Specific details of the project made by iTotem

The client wanted to have the displays placed in conspicuous locations to make the packages of banking services stand out. Another requirement was for the displays to be visible also at night, outside working hours.

What were the digital signage solutions used by iTotem

For this project, the solution provided by iTotem was placing vertical displays in the street facing windows. The shape of the displays fitted in with the window structure and they would not take up too much space.

Avantaje și dezavantaje


  • High visibility due to their siting;
  • Increased visibility, even from afar and at night;
  • They blend into the surrounding environment of the bank;
  • High-quality luminosity makes the media content stand out;
  • Placed close to the window, they would attract not only clients, but also of bystanders.
  • The content can be managed and changed remotely, at certain hours.



  • A wireless network connection can be used (but as this could be unstable), the best is to use a wired connection.


Client CEC Bank Ana Tower
Task Promoting the service packages provided by CEC Bank Ana Tower
Execution date November 2020
Technology High-luminosity displays and high-tech software

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