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Digital Signage solutions for restaurants

Indoor displays for the Noodle Pack restaurant (Victory Square – Bucharest)

The new Noodle Pack, opened in the America House building in the Victory Square – Bucharest, illustrates clearly the brand identity of this restaurant chain: modern design, ideal for a relaxing lunch break, both for young people or families. The concept is backed visually also by the digital signage solutions provided by iTotem.

Project details

Details of the project carried out by iTotem

The client wanted to focus on the modern design of the space and concept, as a whole, by opting for some state-of-the-art displays that would make the menu, and the daily/weekly offers and promotions more conspicuous. Thus, the key-areas for placing the displays were: the cashiers and the shop windows.

Which are the digital signage solutions implemented by iTotem

The 3 displays placed near the windows feature high brightness, which makes them visible also during the night. They give a fresh, elegant and modern flavor to the entire space. The 6 displays near the cashier provide as well a comfortable visual access.

Pros and cons


  • Opting for digital technology instead of traditional displays has enhanced and boosted the modern design of the restaurant;
  • The high brightness of the displays allows for content reading from afar and clear viewing of brightly colored images;
  • The dynamic display and professional images of products and daily/weekly offers positively capture attention;
  • Through digital signage, the content can remotely managed and updated any time;
  • The slightly reclined angle in which the displays are placed near the cashiers enables the content viewing;
  • Placing the displays towards the street area may attract new potential customers.



  • None


Client Noodle Pack (America House – Piața Victoriei, București)
Task Displaying the Noodle Pack menus and offers more conspicuously by placing indoor displays near the cashiers and windows.
Execution date August, 2021
Technology 3 high brightness, horizontal indoor displays (2500 nits), by the windows; 6 vertical displays with a solid metal structure, placed near the cashiers.

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