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Digital signage solutions for Bebe Tei

iTotem provides the digital signage solutions in the new Bebe Tei shop in Vitan Mall

The fourth Bebe Tei shop has been recently opened in Bucharest. The Tei brand continues to integrate digital technology in the process of keeping the customers informed in the new location from Vitan Mall. The iTotem team implemented digital signage solutions – some a first at national level. Thus, 70 stretched displays have been placed in the Derma Center area.

Project details

Details of the project carried out by iTotem for Bebe Tei

The client wanted to harmonize the shop area with customized digital technology elements. The digital communication is part of the Tei policy, aiming at displaying a targeted and useful content for the client, improving the experience in the shop, and customizing departments.

Which are the digital signage solutions implemented by iTotem

Taking into consideration the client’s request and the designated architect’s (Corina Fraştelni) recommendations, iTotem placed a video wall with 4 displays (49 inches) close to the cashiers, at the exit, 3 LED displays in key-points of the shop and 70 stretched displays in the Derma Center area. The displays were customized with white frames and designed in special sizes. Also, the LED’s have been tailor-made. A video wall controller was included for a higher resolution, which has clear benefits compared to the daisy chain solution.

Pros and cons


  • High visual impact;
  • Modern and consistent design of the shop;
  • Targeted content;
  • Constantly updated content;
  • Potential to attract further buyers (by placing the video wall within the traffic flow area);
  • Improving customer experience;
  • Dynamization of shop space.



  • Considering the size of the LEDs (small modules), a flawlessly-designed metal structure was required in order to have them perfectly positioned. Thus, more time and significant effort were required.


Client Bebe Tei
Task Integrating digital technology in the shop area in an appealing and engaging manner.
Execution date October 2021
Technology Stretched displays, video wall with 4 walls (49″), large LED displays, video wall controller, CMS software application: iTotem.

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