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Digital signage solutions for Farmacia Tei

Rendering the advertising space more efficient in Farmacia Tei

One of the projects carried out by iTotem included placing displays behind every cash register that would run targeted information and content for clients. Thus, in 5 locations of Farmacia Tei from Bucharest and Constanta, a total of 16 displays have been placed.

Project details

Specific details about the project carried out by iTotem for Farmacia Tei

Farmacia Tei wanted to find some solutions so that clients would be informed in a simple and accessible way about the current special offers and the products they are interested in.

What were the digital signage solutions employed by iTotem

To address the requests from the client, iTotem suggested that space behind every cash register a display should be installed.

Technically speaking, the project meant having each monitor connected to an industrial computer designed for digital signage solution, based on Android operating system and a management software developed by NoviSign.

The 80 displays placed in Farmacia Tei drugstores are managed by iTotem, and they run 12h/day remotely-controlled multimedia content. In the future, iTotem aims to develop some custom-made solutions in which the ad to be targeted based on gender and age.

Prons and cons


  • A seemingly ordinary and unappealing space has been transformed into a point of interest for clients;
  • Placed at eye-level, the displays can be perfectly seen by the clients waiting in line (moreover, due to the fact that the 15 cash registers from the 5 locations of Farmacia Tei are arranged in L-shape, the ads on the displays can be seen from almost every corner of the drugstore, no matter the position in line);
  • Another advantage is that the playlist can be programmed by means of a software (eg. the multimedia content is planned according to the time of day (morning, lunch, evening), the consumer’s profile and they are automatically generated);
  • Increase in sales by running targeted ads (eg promoting a 50% discount offer for a certain amount of time will lead to increased sales in that product);
  • Possibility of selling advertising space.



  • None.


Client Farmacia Tei
Task Rendering the advertising space more efficient in Farmacia Tei
Execution date January, 2019
Technology LCD displays running remotely-controlled multimedia content

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