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Digital signage solutions for Secom

Transforming a shop window wall into an advertising space

Transforming a shop glass wall into an unconventional advertising space brings about a lot of benefits. If the window wall is part of of the client’s outlet, there is no longer required to obtain any permits from authorities.
Another important advantage is the visual impact on the consumer: the key-messages in the video and, implicitly, the product presentation, are conveyed even before the consumer gets inside the outlet.

Project details

Specific details about the project carried out by iTotem for Secom

The starting point for this digital signage project was the description of the space where it would be located. The client’s wish to turn a window wall into an “active” surface, powered by a video content, was adapted to the shop itself. A basic condition is the size of the space: it depends how small or big it is.

What were the digital signage solutions employed by iTotem

Revamping the glass wall was possible by applying a special self adhesive film on which, by means of a video projector, video spots provided by the client are run. The video content run on the digital signage computer is transmitted via a wireless system. iTotem provided a complete service of digital signage by integrating several solutions from various companies.

Pros and cons


  • Effective transmission of key messages;
  • Catching the attention of passers-by;
  • Efficient use of glass surface;
  • Low costs;
  • No permits from authorities required.



  • The video content is properly visible only in some specific times of day.


Client Secom
Task Transforming a shop glass wall into an unconventional advertising space
Execution date November, 2018
Technology Videoprojection on a glass surface

Video presentation