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Complete digital signage solutions

Our offer

We provide:

  • Totems

    Freestanding, bolt down or wall digital totems, in any shape desired by the client - square/rectangular shape.

  • Displays

    To manufacture the totems, we use BenQ, LG and Panansonic displays, characterized by a modern and minimalist design, visual accuracy and complete multimedia interface.

  • Industrial computers

    Embedded with Android and Windows operating systems, the industrial computers are designed for unique applications to be used at the office, at home or at industrial level.

  • Hardware solutions

    The energy efficiency, the memory space, connection options and reliability are only a few of the criteria used to chose hardware solutions.

Depending on the client’s choice, our products can be rented as well.
Totemuri Digital Signage


The advantage of a custom-tailored totem is that it draws attention and conveys the advertising message in a friendly way.

Monitoare Digital Signage


Minimalist and modern design, visual accuracy and complete multimedia interface. Smart solutions for digital signage.

Calculatoare industriale Digital Signage

Industrial computers

Fitted with high-quality, energy-efficient and reliable cooling systems, the industrial computers are a smart choice for your business.



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