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Complete digital signage solutions

Our services

Our solutions are complete: besides creating the media content, the custom-made totem and fitting it with professional BenQ, LG and Panasonic displays, we also manage digital signage networks and give advice.

  • Rental

    Professional displays and devices for digital signage applications.

  • Project management

    Management of digital signage networks.

  • Project development / analysis

    The solutions provided are custom-made for the client’s type of business, from the advertised product to the location were the totem is placed.

  • Multimedia content creation

    Creating images/photos, videos, presentations, virtual tours, drone footage, content, graphics.

  • Advice

    It is essential that a totem is adapted for the business and area where it will be located in order to fit with the visual identity of an organization.

Moreover, we can turn any window or glass surface into a multimedia surface. The great advantage is that being part of a commercial retail space, no official permit would be required.



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