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Complete digital signage solutions

Come visit our iTotem showroom!

Come and visit our showroom in order to talk about digital signage solutions! We are waiting for you every day, from Monday till Friday included, between 9am and 5pm. We’ll show you the products in our portfolio and you’ll find out how each one works and how it could help your business. If you prefer customised solutions, we can discuss that too. Come with the questions and we are here with the answers. Digital signage technology has never been more challenging!

Why should you visit our showroom?

1. Find out what's new in the industry

Because we’re passionate about digital signage, we’re inspired by everything is new. The new Market•r device is our latest product, which we can hardly wait to talk about it.

2. You talk to a digital signage expert

You will get the information you need from an expert in the digital signage industry.

3. You get to see our products live

If you want to grow your business by purchasing/renting digital signage products, it is highly important to know exactly how they look and get details about each one of them. We are happy to provide you all the information you need – from ready-made products (displays, video wall controllers, splitters etc) to custom-made products.

4. You may find inspiration

Seeing the products may bring you inspiration, plus may help you make a decision. When visiting a showroom, you may find more quickly what you are looking for.

5. You may test the product prior to purchasing/ renting

The possibility of testing a product is another factor which might prove helpful in making the right decision.

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iTotem Digital Signage Showroom

Str. Schitul Dârvari 2, Bucharest, RO